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Building surveys

A building survey is a highly detailed report and the most comprehensive type of survey  concerning the construction of the building and any visible defects. The soundness of the structure, its general condition and major or minor faults will be examined. The report itemises the work needing to be completed, timescales in which it's required and guidance on the specific details needing to be carried out. This type of survey is suitable for any building but highly recommended for older buildings (75 years or older), those constructed of unconventional materials including timber or thatch, properties that have had structural alterations or extensions and properties you intend to alter or renovate. A valuation service can also be added onto a building survey for an additional fee.

Homebuyer's Survey

RICS homebuyer's survey

The RICS homebuyer's survey, or HSV, is suitable for conventional properties built within the last 75 years which are in reasonable condition. The homebuyer's survey will provide you with factual information concerning the construction of the property and deals with significant defects and urgent matters requiring attention, but doesn't detail every aspect of the property. This type of report is not usually suitable for properties in need of renovation or if you're planning major alterations.

A homebuyer's survey includes:

  • The general condition of the property
  • Any major faults in accessible parts of the building that may affect the value
  • Any urgent problems that require attention prior to signing the contract
  • Results of tests for damp in the walls
  • Damage to timbers such as woodworm or rot
  • The condition of any damp proofing, insulation and drainage (though drains aren't tested)
  • The estimated cost of rebuilding the property for insurance purposes
  • The value of the property on the market

For an accurate building survey trust Geoffrey A Bailey FRICS:
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